Whether you use a Mac or a PC, maybe you’ve heard of Linux. This little penguin is its logo. Penguin

It’s better. Really. It’s an Operating System, like Windows or Mac. Both Microsoft and Apple have a team of experts to make their operating systems. It’s a small team. They come up with ideas for new features and functions. They try them out, rejecting some of them and keeping others. But here’s the problem. It’s a small team writing a huge operating system. (Windows is 50 million lines of code) They forget things and miss others. And sometimes their “great idea” is actually a nightmare for a real world user.

There is a better way. What about a system customized for you? Without all the useless stuff. One that doesn’t report back to it’s parents about everything you do. (both Mac and PC do that, which costs you money and time). One that’s faster, that can even work on the old computer you don’t use anymore. It’s called Linux. and here are just a few of the reasons you should switch:

  • NO VIRUSES!!! 
  • Linux is Open Source, which means 1,000s of coders are working on it all over the world, all the time. And they are looking for flaws, security holes, and problems 24/7. The big guys let problems go for months or even years. They wait until people complain or get hacked. Anytime someone finds a problem with Linux, it get reported and fixed, often in hours.
  • Linux is faster. Both PCs and Macs work for their owners, Microsoft and Apple. Not you. PCs and Macs are collecting information about you and how you use your machine and sending it  over the web. They are competing with you for bandwidth, for your hard drive, for the brain of the machine. Linux isn’t doing anything behind the scenes. So your machine will work for you and work faster.
  • No back doors means more security. Macs and PCs have secret back doors so that technicians can fix problems. But what if one of those folks was also a hacker. He or she could secretly log onto your computer and do whatever they like with it. With Linux, open source means if someone tried to make a back door, someone else will see it and brick over it.
  • Update everything on your computer with one click.
  • Linux makes your hard drive faster. Windows stores files where ever it can, the nearest box. But for bigger files it stores them all over the hard drive, and then makes another file to keep track of where all the pieces are. When it has to open a file, it has to got all over the place to find all the pieces. Or you have to defragment your hard drive, which means you have to do it. And it can take hours, during which time you either can’t use the machine or it’s terribly slow. Linux stores a file in one spot so there aren’t any fragments in the first place.
  • Tidy menus. If you’ve ever downloaded a file or installed a program and then said “Where the h#$% is it?” You’ll like Linux. All programs in Linux are categorized into what kind of program it is. An office program will automatically be stored with the other office programs. A movie player will automatically be stored in the Audio Video Folder. Download a picture, a book, an uninstalled program, an airline ticket? “Downloads.”
  • New software is easy. You’ve seen the pop up boxes. “This was downloaded from the internet, are you sure you want to install it?” Huh, yes, I downloaded it. “Software from the internet can harm your computer.” Yes, darn it. “We are scanning the file to determine if it is safe.” Wait why didn’t you do that in the first place? “We have determined that this program is unknown. Are you sure?” YES! “Please exit all other programs.” Stop it. “You must reboot your computer before changes can take effect.” Oh for the love of… How about this instead. Enter in the type of program you want, select the one you want. click install. Done. All the programs are pre-scanned to determine if they are safe (Genius!) and pre-configured to work on your specific machine (Why hasn’t that caught on?).
  • Customizable. You can change a few things in Mac and Windows to make it look like “your” machine. But what if you could change all of it? “Wouldn’t it be great if this program could _____, too?” “What if…” with Linux is really simple. If yave an idea, you submit it to the community. If they like it they make it happen. If they don’t seem interested, you can hire your own people to make it happen.

And with Linux you probably don’t need a new machine. You can take that old machine out of the closet and use that. Or, if you want to keep your current operating system AND use Linux you can do that too.