We put men on the moon with chalk boards and slide rulers. Pencils and paper sent people a quarter of a million miles inside a tiny bubble of life. The machine in front of you right now, would have saved NASA Engineers years of planning in the 1960s.  Your technology should make your life easier, not harder.

Freedom from…

Machines are supposed to make everything better or destroy the world. How are they working for you? Most people “come to terms” with their machines. They figure out a bit, they check their email, visit a few web pages. Maybe they get some music or photos. And still their machines are broken in a few years. How many times have you heard or said “It’s only a few years old, why is it so SLOW?!?” or “Why doesn’t it just work?”

There’s a simple answer to both. It’s not designed to work for you. It’s designed to work against you. Whether it’s a computer or a phone or a tablet, all that free software, including the operating system, is spy-ware. Software designed to spy on you, use your computer or phone instead of you.

But what if it could all work for you? Save you time, money, and frustration? What if machines could actually protect you and make your life easier? What if that Sci-fi ideal of ‘you just tell it what to do and it does it,’  were actually possible? What if your machine worked as well as a toaster? You tell it to make toast, it makes toast. You tell it to email you a reminder to pick up milk at 4pm tomorrow afternoon and it just does it.

It is possible.

Freedom to…

Rather than trying to just get something done on a computer, what if it could actually make life easier, give you more time, eliminate tasks, do your work for you? The possibilities are endless, because each person uses their tech differently. But instead of just giving you a new or different way to do a thing like email (instead of mail, which still works just fine), what if you machines did your work for you? See how we can help.